FALLing in Love with Mayer Brothers

Despite what Starbucks will have you believe fall is still on the horizon. While I reserve my pumpkin spice lattes for an October first start date, I can’t use the same kind of restraint when it comes to Mayer Brothers apple cider and donuts. I wasn’t there opening day like a crazed Bills fan charging the New Era Field parking lot, I promise I was slightly tamer.

One of my favorite things about going to Mayer Brothers is the tradition. Growing up once the air turned crisp and the leaves turned brown I could always count on my mom coming home with a gallon of Mayer Brothers apple cider. After 160 years in operation the cider tastes the same, and each sip brings me back to being a kid on Halloween going out trick or treating with my friends and cousins. Then we’d come home and treat ourselves to cider and donuts while digging through our stash. I’m sure Hocus Pocus was on in the background as well.

Buffalo is a city that appreciates tradition and nostalgia. It certainly appreciates a business that for five generations has been serving up the best cider in North America.

So how can Mayer Brothers help you add some Buffalo to your next event?

•Serve up some cider, or better yet their cider slushie as a special welcome beverage to your fall wedding or festivity. Have a beautiful rustic farm table at the entrance to your cocktail hour with a beverage dispenser. Serve your cider sober or spiked, or why not both? Add some fall foliage to the table, touches of gourds and pumpkins, and finish it off with some rustic copper mugs.
•Create an epic dessert table with some of their family secret recipe donuts and beautifully apple baked pies. Go all out with a farm table feel. Get a red and white checked tablecloth that screams Americana as much as apple. Stack some of their sweet cinnamon donuts on milky white cake displays or create a donut display peg board. Place the pies on vintage cake dishes and allow guests to help them self to a slice of pie. Don’t forget to serve up some sweet homemade whipped cream to top off each piece of pie.

This is a sure way to incorporate local businesses and add some Buffalove to your event. Check out the photos above for some more fall inspiration.

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